Friday, August 30, 2013

‘Everywhere a Sign’ – So Make Yours Stand Out

Banners, signs and displays are everywhere—but are people getting the message?

Have you ever been driving down the road and spotted a sign with so many words on it that you don’t know where to begin reading?

You glance over, decide “I can’t read all that!” and turn your attention back to the road in front of you.

The sign might have been colorful, or contained a strong visual—maybe a photo, or a logo. But, because it tried to do too much, the message got lost.

We see it all the time in our business.

It’s been estimated that we’re bombarded with 2,000 images a day. In larger cities like New York, that number jumps to as many as 5,000. Sides of buses. Floors. Windows. Pens. Receipts. Websites. Shopping bags. You name it—if there’s space available, it probably has a sign or an image or an advertisement on it.

We’re battling sensory overload. That’s why, when it comes to your banners, signs and displays, it’s important to communicate quickly and clearly.

On one hand, the “tricks of the trade” aren’t tricks at all. They’re common sense. Shape, size, color and location all affect visibility. Ignore any one of them, and you’ve got problems.

Likewise, the font you choose, and the size you make it, affect readability.

On the other hand, you’d be surprised at the number of companies that take a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to graphically displaying their message. Knowing what message you want to convey is one thing; knowing how to do it effectively is another.

At Creative Source, we pride ourselves in being experts in the creation and printing of banners, signs and displays that cut through the clutter and reach your intended audience. We’ve been in the business for 30 years and know what works and why.

Standing out and getting your message noticed doesn’t have to be a mystery. It just has to be done right.

With so many messages competing for our attention every day, that can make all the difference.

MIKE BOYD is president of Creative Source. Clients looking for sign companies in Canton, Ohio
and the surrounding region look to Mike and his staff for creative marketing solutions.